We help the world’s leading financial enterprises solve their biggest and most complex operational challenges by embedding AI directly into every day business processes

AI as-a-Service for the financial industry

Our AIaaS platforms deliver targeted solutions that address specific pain points of financial services operations. We weave artificial intelligence into everyday business practices so your teams can optimize to do more with less.

We put AI to work, so you
can work smarter not harder

AIaaS Platforms and Industry Solutions

Our two AIaaS Platforms – Predictive Exception Processing (PEP) and Unstructured Data Processing (UDP) – and the Solutions derived from them, help you extract the maximum value from your operations.

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We help you deliver AI across all your business processes, extracting value down to the last mile

Innovation Catalysts


Driving innovation with collaboration & experimentation

Professional Services

Expert guidance on identifying high-impact areas & the best path to powerful returns

Process Digital Twins

Advanced simulation for financial operations, enabling predictive insights and optimization for decision-making

About us

Shaped by deep expertise, experience, and strategic alliances, our leadership has garnered a compelling track record of driving transformation for Fortune 500 companies.

Security & Certifications

Our platforms are certified and validated with the necessary security, compliance, and operational resilience to meet the standards of the financial services industry. This ensures we deliver operational excellence, trust, and reliability for our customers.

With CTFSI’s partnership, we were able to simplify hard-to-automate, complex tasks that need human judgment today and unlock the next level of productivity, risk reduction and quality management. 

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